Color: Spruce 141
Composition : 100% Acrylic
Weight : 534 grams per linear metre ± 5%
Width : 150 cm ± 1% usable
Abrasion : 70.000 Rubs (800 gm/12kPa), Martindale
Achorage 19AAdmiral 4PAnton 112Aqua Torquise 224Baltic 060Black Sand 9ABlue 048Blue Beach 12Blue River 12ABriquet 9Browns Ville 8PCarrot 101Dago Orange 100Free 180Gelb 050Gillete 17Golden Dust 150Green Field 2Green View 211Grey Desert 16BHill 2CLiberta 9BLong Bay 4NLyrix 6NMans Field 22NMid Sky 4QMiddle Red 1Mosak Blue 210Moss 020Mount Rock 8NNebraska 19Nutmeg 181Ocean Side 4BPalm 14QRed Bank 11Rose Ville 19CRoyal 120Salvador 12NSend Beach 22ASnow Ville 14ASouth Sea 4ASpruce 141Twilight Blue 047Walrus 16Waterloo 11NWheat 14Winter 16AWoods 2N
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Colour Fastness to LightMeets ISO 105:B02 Level 5
Colour Fastness to RubbingMeets EN ISO 105-X12
Dry : 4
Wet : 4
FlammabilityComplies with BS EN 1021-1:2006 (Cigarette) Tested in combination with UBM foam 32kg/m3
Maintenance⦿ Vacuum or brush away loose dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabric.
⦿ Clean up spills and stains right away. The longer soil and stains stay on the fabric, the harder they are to remove.
⦿ Quick blot up stains or spills with an absorbent cloth or sponge. Be careful not to rub the stain deeper into the fabric. If the spill is solid or semi-solid (like butter or ketchup), remove the excess by gently lifting it with a dull knife.
Colour Limit⦿ Batch to batch variation in shade may occur within commercial tolerances.
⦿ We recommend that fabric be examined before use, no claims will be considered after cutting.
ApplicationAlways apply in the same direction.

Preparing for Removing Stains
  1. First brush any subtantial, encrusted marks by hand, using a brush or spatula, then vacuum clean.
  2. Pre-clean with a neutral universal agent (incl. possibly dry foam as well).
  3. After each cleaning remove any residual surfactant, using spray extraction.
Stain removal agents should only be worked in with a clean, damp, and absorbent cloth
  1. Treat with an agent containing solvent, using manual method as well (scrape off, beat lightly, vacuum clean when completely dry).
  2. Cut out burn or melt stains. Take of piece of fabric of the same size - if none is available take it from a part of the material that is less visible - and stick in from the left with double sided tape.

After Treatment

After each cleaning we recommended the use of spray extraction to remove any edge markings or residual cleaning agent.

General :

These are only general recommendations that cannot unreservedly 100% removal of stains. We recommended in all cases that you consult a professional cleaner.
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